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 Frequently Asked Questions

How far in advance should I order my cake?

For a Wedding Cake, you should be enquiring at least 3 months before your date! This ensures that there is plenty of time to lock down a design and organise a tasting.
For other celebrations, any time up until 3 weeks before is enough time! However, you should make an enquiry as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. While the lead time to create a cake is only 1 week, unfortunately there is only so many orders that can be produced at once.

How big should my cake be?

This is completely up to you!

However, you should know if you want to have more/less/the exact amount of cake to feed all your guests,

Do you create fake tiers/cakes?

Yes I do. Please ask about these when enquiring.

Do you cater for dietary requirements?

Yes I do. I have a few options which are vegan (diary, egg and animal product free), as well as gluten free. Please see the flavour listing below to see what flavours have these options.