I got a website!

If you've clicked on this and this is the first time meeting me: Hi! Welcome! Hope you like it here! 

But, if you've been following me for a while and you've clicked on this post, you've probably realised that this isn't the place that my blog posts are usually posted. Weird right?

Well. As I'm sure you can tell: I got myself a website! 

Since I started up 'Sweets by Sas' I've been relying on social media as my main point of contact and distribution with both customers and cakers. But this week that changed, I mean there's only so much that facebook and instagram can do! Besides I have a really bad habit of not checking my instagram direct messages, because I just genuinely forget that you can actually message someone on instagram. 

So, I made the move. I spent weeks creating what you're seeing now! Okay it was only weeks because I'm so indecisive. Don't tell my boyfriend I've admitted to that, but honestly, the amount of chopping and changing I did after I had pretty much settled on each design was ridiculous. I think I went through maybe 5 different templates before I decided that this was the perfect fit!

What was involved with making my website? I hear you ask. Well it's simple, but not as simple as you might think! 

Firstly I went off to squarespace.com (this isn't a plug - just the honest truth), and took up their offer for a trial account, and picked a template. At first I was super confused until I realised you actually had to delete the 'Demo' pages, and once I realised that I was a pro! ... until I decided that I didn't like the template I was using, and I wasn't sure of what I was going to put on my site, and I wasn't sure if I wan't a shop. (There's that indecisiveness) 

I decided that I'd pick my favourite photos from the last year and post them as a gallery - I thought that was a great start. Everyone needs photos. I then had a look at a few other cake decorators/home based dessert makers (I feel like this isn't the right term but I'm going to roll with it) websites, and realised that some of them had shops, some of them just had enquiry forms. So in the words of the little girl on the El Do Paso add "¿porque no tener ambas?" (Yes I used google translate, and yes I agree that, THAT, is not what she says). 

When I thought I'd settled on what I wanted, I showed my family and boyfriend to get their opinion. That was the moment my sister said to me "if you have a shop, what if you can't fit the order in your day?" - that was also the moment I unlinked my shop page. So sorry but no you can't order my cookies and dessert cups by the dozen online. At least not until I work out how I can black out certain dates.

Once that was sorted I figured I better move over a few blog posts, and set up a nice home page which has a summary of a few things and then maybe get back into blogging. The last thing I did was my 'About' page - I actually found this the hardest because

a) It was actually the only place on my website with a large amount of text (besides my blog posts), and 

b) I had to actually write about myself and that's a lot harder than you think it would be. 

This website was ready to rock n roll! I paid for a yearly subscription and then realised... squarespace doesn't actually do domain names with ".com.au" - PROBLEM? My business cards say sweetsbysas.com.au <-- yep. Problemo right there. Thankfully the .com domain name came free with my package, so found a site selling domain names at about $20 for two years and grabbed the one that I really wanted... and then forwarded it to this website because, honestly, I was too lazy to try and work out how to set it up properly - that's a problem for future Katherine. 


Anyway, that's all that's new! There'll be a few blog posts coming up, don't forget to keep an eye out on my social media to keep up with what's happening! Oh and if you want to join my fancy new mailing list I'll make sure you never miss a blog post in the future... and you may or may not receive some sneaky, email only, offers! 

Don't forget to have a look around while you're here! And if you're loving my site, or think there's something I should add - leave us a comment down below! 

Hope this finds you well! 

Kat xx

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