Baking Essentials: Getting Organised

Baking Essentials - getting organised.jpg

No diary, no planning, no objectives and no butter... and no eggs (possibly no milk). That’s when I realised that 2018 was exactly the same as 2017; I only had half the ingredients and I was standing there like an idiot realising I couldn’t make my weeks orders without the bloody ingredient.

Off to Campbell’s I went, and then to Coles, then back home. Only to remember I forgot to buy a carton of egg whites. 

That’s what I get for not writing down a shopping list.

I'll be honest with you, I'm part squiggle part square, and sometimes my brain get's caught between the two. When I go shopping, or write a blog post, - I'm definitely a squiggle, but when I'm creating something like a checklist - that's my inner square coming out. (If you're reading this thinking "is she okay? what is she on about? Is she normal?" Sorry - My Bad! You can get relatively good outline over here)

Anyway my kitchen bench and my brain were definitely NOT looking as organised as this beautiful stock photo below. 

Shopping Time.jpg

So I got my creative and started fiddling around on InDesign and created a check list that was practical but also pretty (who doesn't love a little pretty).

If it ain't function - I ain't gonna use it! 

(And let's be honest, neither are you!)

Pretty much I've separated the different types of ingredients I generally purchase, and then listed my usual grocery list. Just the basics so that I can print it off in an instant and get going. 

Now you're probably looking at me going, okay I get it - you're organised. But how does that help me?? I can't use InDesign, I'll just end up making a list in word and it's not going to look so pretty. 


HOLD ON! I didn't say I couldn't help you! In fact, I've actually decided to share my check list for free. 

Yep. F-R-E-E! 

Hit that download button below, and you can download a full editable PDF copy of my shopping list. This PDF has my standard list of ingredients on one page, and a completely empty list on the next, so if you're not buying baking ingredients - you can use this too! Oh, and it's in A4 and A5, so it'll fit perfectly in your wallet but also big enough for you to hand write on it!

Don't miss that download link above! It's freeeeeeeee!

Oh and Happy Shopping! Hope you'll be more organised than me! 

- Kat xx