February 2018

Februrary 2018.jpg

Okay, I'm back. It's been a while since I've gotten my act together both in terms of posting photos and getting blogs posted but I'm hopefully on top of it. I mean January is the start of the year but we all know that nothing actually gets done until February. 

I've had blog posts started and not finished, cookies started... and not finished - you can see a recurring thing happening here can't you. Every order so far this year has gotten out of the kitchen, but anything I try to do for my own sake (like cleaning my bedroom) get's started but something else more important always comes up. So I decided it was time to get organised and actually finish a blog post, and what's better than a end of month wrap up!


This month's cakes were some of my favourite.


The first of the month was for an 80th birthday which was a vanilla cake, with a wooden cake topper and fresh blooms. I was instructed to ensure that there was no purple flowers on the cake and only pinks and peaches. 






The last cake of the month was a cake for my two younger cousins' birthdays! I had to pick a gender-neutral theme to make sure that they were both happy, which ended with a cake inspired by the beach and Golden Gaytime Ice-creams. This cake was 4 layers of caramel cake, filled with White Chocolate Ganache, fresh Salted Caramel and Golden Gaytime Crumbs, and iced with more White Chocolate Ganache and Golden Gaytime Crumbs. 


Valentines Day.jpg

This year for Valentines Day, I went for X's and O's as well as water coloured gems. I personally love this set, and think it's perfect for any time of the year! The water coloured gems (and hearts) were created with Steph Baynie of Stephanie Baynie Illustrations and were inspired by her water colour drawings that have been plaguing her instagram lately. 

(psst. you can order them here!) 


This month I was at the Newington Markets at the Newington Market Place. I enjoyed being down there, and you can catch me back there on the 17th of March with lots of Easter goodies! Keep an eye on my social media to keep up with any upcoming events that you might find us at. 

That's a Wrap.jpg

Now I know that's not my usual kind of blog post, but it's a start to get me back into it. If you're lucky, and I'm actually on top of everything, there might be a few blog posts on how I actually made these things. But for now, I will bid you farewell and see you soon! 

PS: I promise to have Easter options up on the webshop for pre-order in the next few weeks - If I don't, please bug me. I swear it's not on purpose.