The Semi-Naked Cake

I know, I was on track and then I did the standard Katherine thing and didn’t finish my post and then uni got busy and I uh forgot. Sorry!

Well going back a few weeks, Saturday 17th of September was actually my birthday! But this cake wasn’t for my birthday, it was for one of my friend’s mum’s 50th! So it had to be spectacular. I actually had busy weekend of cake – given that it was my birthday, and I have a fabulous photographer come and help me photograph that weekend.


Lately I’ve mastered the art of drip cakes, and regular buttercream cakes – but not too many naked or semi naked cakes. My friend’s instructions were: Naked and flowers, but do what you think looks best.

Both my favourite and least favourite words. So I started off trying to get this cake to be completely naked! I’ve learnt that the trick to this is to use a piping bag… not just spoon on the frosting. Unfortunately I didn’t listen to myself and once I ran out of what was in my piping bag – I got lazy and just started to spoon it on between layers.


That was my downfall. That was the moment I knew that this cake was now going to be Semi-Naked – just a little frosting around the outside but seriously just enough that the cake is even.

This cake was a marble mud cake, filled and iced with Swiss Meringue Buttercream, topped with fresh flowers and a diamante covered ’50’ cake topper. I love this cake because it was simple and elegant, and even better – my friend’s family absolutely loved it!


A big thank you and shout out to my friends over at J & C Film for helping me out and taking these beautiful photos! And a particular shout out to Jonathan who took the photos ! You can find him on instagram as @jon.saad


So if you’re a fan of minimal work and bright colours, give the semi-naked cake a go! Also don’t underestimate the flower market to pick up your flowers – I’m talking $10 bunches of Roses here people!

Hope this finds you well!

– Kat xx

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