Cookie Dough Cake!

My younger cousin has been begging me to make her birthday cake all year, then the week before her birthday she changed her mind and only wanted chocolate crackles. I sat there in my grandmother's living room scrolling through instagram when I say someone layer cookie dough between their cake layers.


That was the moment my brain kicked in - how about vanilla cake, choc chip cookie dough and chocolate cake all rolled into one? Yep. That's exactly what this cake is; two layers of vanilla cake, a disk of chocolate chip cookie dough, a layer of chocolate cake, ANOTHER disk of chocolate chip cookie dough and then two more layers of vanilla cake - iced in a vanilla bean buttercream.


It was a big hit in my family, so I encourage you to give it a go... even if you do think it's kinda weird! But who doesn't love cookie dough?

If you're wanting to make the cookie dough eggless, and safe for those who shouldn't eat raw eggs, substitute the eggs for some whipping or thickened cream! I generally don't substitute it because the cookie dough get's eaten in a day or two, but when I do I cook like my grandmother and don't use quantities. I tend to just keep pouring and mixing until it reaches the right consistency.

Next time I swap it out, I promise to measure it out and give you an eggsact (ehhhh see what I did there?) measurement!

Hope this finds you well

- Kat xx


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