Save the Date!

We've all sent out invitations, and we've all received them. But we don't always actually "save the date" when that invitation arrives. 

Is it not important enough? Is it not memorable enough? Does the invite maybe float to the back of our heads... forgetting it even exists?

We don't have to admit it publicly, but if you're nodding your head and shyly admitting to yourself "Yep" then keep reading. 

I'd seen a lot of these "Save the Date" cookies on pinterest and couldn't help but want to make them (You can check out my pinterest board HERE where I've saved a lot of inspiration for these cookies). 

Last year my two friends in Melbourne got married and I received a pretty little white, black and gold invitation in the mail. So instead of sending just the card back telling them that I would definitely be there I sent a box of cookies too! I really couldn't help myself, this was the first wedding I'd been invited to (That wasn't with my family, for one of my 3785 cousins or for a friend of our family), and I felt like I had to be little different because the moment I saw their invitation ideas just started running through my head. 

One of the designs I sent them was this "Save the Date" cookie which was a calendar with their wedding date on it. 



I like to use a 3" square cookie cutter for this one - it's not too big, but not too small! 

Outline and flood the cookie with white royal icing (or whatever colour you want as your background) and let it dry. 

Once the cookie is completely dry, use a small tip to draw straight lines like a calendar with black icing. I personally prefer to use a #1.5 PME Tip, but you can use a #1 tip (wilton, loyal etc) if that's more your cup of tea. When doing this it is important to leave about 2.5cm of space at the top so that you can write the month in this space.

Another alternative to this is to use an edible marker and draw in the lines rather than to pipe them. 

I then piped the month in the space that I left at the top of the cookie and then picked a random square for the date. My friends were getting married on the 13th of May so I picked a square in the middle of the calendar to draw a heart. I chose to do this in white icing so that I could then paint it gold, then go back over it with black icing to write the date. 


These cookies are actually super simple but they look fantastic! Might be something to send out with your next invitation so they don't forget to save the date!