Katherine (n): Pure, Clear

Before I started writing this section of my website, I googled what my name means - and that is what it gave me. I'm not too sure what it really says about me, but I guess that isn't Google's job, it's clearly mine. Yes, that pun was intentional. 


I can't tell you exactly where this journey started, but I can tell you that I clearly remember being 5 years old and begging my mum to let me make that cake mix that was in the pantry. Then ensued the argument between my dad and I; he wanted Orange and Poppy Seed and I wanted Chocolate. 10 years on, I started dreaming of working in a kitchen - studying pastry and baking whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. 5 years on, I chose to  study the complete opposite and dive into the IT and Business worlds. 

Technically... I hold a degree in accounting (… and IT)

During my degree, working in the business world just wasn't cutting it for me. I decided to relieve my uni stress by baking and decorating. Which led me here, telling you that there is nowhere else that you can get a cake like mine.


Long story short; I’m not very good at writing an “about me” section; in fact I don’t think I’m particularly good with words in general - just ask my boyfriend. I believe that actions speak louder than words; and that a picture can say a thousand words - so head on over and check out my portfolio; let the cakes and cookies do the talking.